susan muse photography | About
Do you remember the days of school pictures? I sure do, and I have a core fear of having my picture taken to show for it. I remember the stress of looking perfect for a single click of the camera. It didn’t matter if my eyes were closed or my grin was goofy or my hair was out of place. I had one click to look like a fashion model with braces and adolescent awkwardness.

So how did someone with photophobia end up as a photographer? It’s not just about creating a support group for other photophobics. I combined my passion for getting to know people personally and show people their own inner beauty with my realization that life goes by too quickly. Today’s feelings, expressions, and laughter are tomorrow's hazy memories. I want to hold on to those memories. Think of a time in your life. What do you see? Is it the details of the actual event, or is it the details of the photograph that was taken of that event? Moments not captured are too quickly forgotten.

As a Mom, I want to capture the details of my child’s life. I want to remember her expressions, her size, her innocence, her wonder. Let me do the same for you and the people you cherish most.